The solo exhibition showing in the Exeter Phoenix from Friday 27th May to 9th July is by a french video artist named Marcel Dihanet. For the past 25 years he has documented where land and water meet, and the people that live in the surrounding areas.

In /SKY/CANAL/RIVER/ Dihanet had looked at a world half submerged; filming around and in the river Exe as it passes through Exeter and out towards the sea at Exmouth. With it’s large installations it is easy to become lost in the world of water, and to appreciate the interesting views that Dihanet uses within the water – for example by looking upwards from underneath the surface of the water he creates a new perspective that people wouldn’t usually see.Other interesting elements in the work include bubbles and dark shadows that flow across the scene in front of you.

However, I personally found the exhibition quite repetitive, with the (once) intriguing angles being repeated across the selection of films.


Art Films

June 20, 2011

Art films are typically independently made films, that differ from the mainstream ‘Blockbuster’ movie in that they aren’t usually a narrative and story to be used to escape into, but to look at and appreciate the expression of the director and filmmaker.

Art films tend not to have large budgets (again, differing from mainstream ‘Blockbuster’ films) or huge investment costs, and so only need to appeal to a small portion of film viewers to make the films financially viable.

Information was derived from an ‘Art Film’ article on