My film response to Salvatore Arancio’s exhibition focuses on the natural forms that his work consists of, from rock formations to his use of the mythical mandrake root. I decided to photograph water balloons popping on a 1/4000 shutter speed in order to freeze the water in a round shape; this concept was based on organic form and furthered itself during editing when against the black background the red water took a more flesh-like appearance. Through some further thinking I decided to pull even more inspiration from Salvatore Arancio’s work and use a bass-heavy soundtrack against the still image in order to change the viewers perception of it. The overlayed ultra-sound bassline creates a new angle to the image, and as the film continues the viewer can discover other details of the image they might not have noticed or percieved if it had been alone.

After researching what is done to create foley sounds in larger budget films in UK studios, I have a better idea of how I can create the sounds to go with film.

My idea is very simple just adding almost comical sounds to a normal image just to demonstrate the idea. It will be of a rabbit bouncing around and then adding hopping noises to the footage using Soundtrack Pro software.