Self Initiated – What I intend to do

February 7, 2012

For my self-directed project I intend to make a short semi-artistic film about the feeling of discovery both within a relationship between friends and sisters and also more literally about the will to explore. The use of childhood games and imagination will play a heavy role within my film, for the purpose of highlighting the relationship between the visual character and the off-screen character. Creating the interaction and intensity that I want for the relationship when in reality it is just the actress and the camera will probably be the most technical issue I will face.

As the film has to be in 3 separate locations I have decided to use a lake as a point of “discovery” as well as a created world that isn’t actually there [in the film] where the characters imagine what lies ahead. The other location is the reality location where they plan their journeys, both the physical one they hope to take as well as the more metaphorical one they are embarking on purely as they grow older – intent is to bring in questions about the relationship between the sisters and whether or not it will change.

Using the influences from what I have researched, I would like the make the dialogue french speaking, as I want to give a sweet but strange feeling to the film. And I want the viewer to be able to relate to the visual relationship rather than for the focus to be on what the actress is saying.

This is just a rough initial treatment, and I’m sure during the course of filming things will alter and develop.


There aren’t any real ‘scenes’ throughout this short film, as it’s going to be quite quick and choppy editing, to almost replicate the delicacy of decisions made within a childs mind. And so the 3 locations become interchangable throughout.

We start in ‘the den’ the two sisters have created underneath a duvet. The light changes through a rainbow of colours, giving the den a more fairytale feeling to it. They have a map layed down between them, and the older sister is tracing lines along the coast and rivers, telling her younger sister about where they will travel from.

In the next location we have the sisters playing on the side of a lake; it’s winter and as such the older sister is wrapped up warm, walking backwards from the camera/off-screen character. They are talking but music is flooding the speech out – the visual of happiness and exploration is more important here than dialogue.

The older sister floats a paper boat into the lake. There are also shots of just the boats floating out into the lake.

Shots from the 3rd location also show the sisters playing and interacting. As this location is ‘imaginary’ it includes descriptions from the older sister character about what they can do with the world.

The final shot is back in the den and the older sister is asking the younger sister/off-screen character to keep their imagination even when growing up. The film finishes with silence.


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