Self Initiated: Evaluation

March 11, 2012



My idea for the Personal Investigation/Self Initiated Project stemmed from a poem that caught my attention crossed with a love for foreign films and the interest I found in art film study earlier in the year.

“Love After Love” became the starting point for my idea, with strong themes of reconnection, identity and discovery. I then looked at various contextual references, focusing primarily on the relationships and visuals shown in them, but realised that they all contained children. I exploited this realisation by then shifting my focus more to how the use of the children led to the dynamics in the films/videos and how it affected the relationships shown.

My idea had formed, and through my mood boards and spider diagrams I showed more progression and clarity in my desired idea. I wanted to create a short, (fake) foreign film that focused in on the fragility of siblings’ relationships when growing up and the use of imagination and discovery becoming less of a bond to them.

To make my idea work in a simple but effective way I chose to have two characters, both sisters, but to only have one of them in the shots speaking to the camera as if it was the other character. My friend Arianne was perfect for the role as she speaks near enough fluent French.

In choosing the three locations I decided to pick places of interest for children, a den made out of a duvet; a field with interesting carved wooden seats and a playground in a forest. The three worked well together with the den becoming the planning ground for the characters and the other two locations being the place to enact their imaginations and daydream.

I feel that the idea was a good, clear development from my research and initial starting point; however there wasn’t enough substance to it in order to make a really good 3 minute short film. I feel that in order to have done this I would have needed to commit a lot more time to the execution of the filming, but this wasn’t really possible when my actress had a tight schedule as did I. If I was to plan this film again I would have done it across a longer time schedule as to make the most of the filming time I did have. I would have also made a more detailed and substantial treatment to go with and to make a full script from. As it was we worked from the treatment due to the lack of dialogue that I wrote for the film. I did feel, though, that the film was an interesting idea, and I did gain experience about how to make a film convincing as a foreign film.

The finished product does relay my idea well, and despite the improvements that I feel could have been made, I do feel that it was a good effort and came across well for what I wanted to achieve.


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