'Le Dejeuner Dur L'Herbe' by Edouard Manet

 This is my first piece of contextual research for the title ‘Alfresco’; part of the meaning of Alfresco is ‘to dine in open air/outside’ and so I have decided to look at ‘Le Dejeuner Dur L’Herbe’ by Edouard Manet, painted in 1863. It was a controversial work due to the nudity of the two women sat alongside the two contemporary men. Also because of it’s dark colour pallette and rough brush work the painting has been criticised as being unfinished and crude.

Personally, and for the work in the exam, I really enjoy the image and the way it is so roughly painted around the people. The casual atmosphere that the picnickers are enjoying is also present in the artist, who finishes the people with a detail that is left out on their surroundings.

From this image I would like to use the interaction of people and the outside world, which links into the ‘four elements’ branch on my initial ideas spiderdiagram.


Exam: Outline of idea

April 17, 2012

alfresco [ælˈfrɛskəʊ]

adj & adv

in the open air

[from Italian: in the cool]

For my exam idea I would like to do a fine art based film that focuses in on my development of ideas on the ‘Alfresco’ spider-diagram and the contextual research I did following on from this.

I want to base the visuals on the paintings I have looked at for this project and create a film based around the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) and use a model to create a sort of living statue concept within the film.

Such images as ‘The Birth of Venus’ by renaissance painter Botticelli are what I intend to get my models to recreate in the film.